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Hello Fears - Life Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Apr 26, 2017

Hey guys! This time I'm making an exception by posting an interview in Spanish with Vero Ruiz Del Vizo. She's the Founder of OJO Magazine and Mashup Agency where she leads Digital Strategy for clients such as Pepsico, Doritos and Nestle, among many others. 

Vero also works with celebrities on developing their personal...

Apr 21, 2017

Let’s not ask girls (or boys) to be "fearless". That's just unreasonable and will end up hurting them. Let’s encourage them to experience fear and be BRAVE enough to face it. Let’s teach them to embrace fear as a sign of growth and progress. 

Join me in signing this petition to request State Street Global...

Apr 14, 2017

Meir Kay is a Youtuber who is also an Orthodox Jew that looks just like a Brooklyn hipster.

He struggled with his own authenticity when he tried to blend in with his orthodox friends while he was a teenage boy. He was a colorful human being in a world of black and white.

Finally, he was able to find the balance between...

Apr 2, 2017

The other day I heard a speaker at a conference say that social media is ruining teenagers' lives. I ask myself, is that true?
I honestly don't know. I didn't grow up with social media!

So, I decided to create this video to give you 6 ways in which social media can be a powerful tool you can use for good.

1. Be real on...